Do You Know The Real Ryan Boylston?

Ryan Boylston seems to be yet another self-serving, self-centered politician. He has proven he is willing to bend and break the rules to line his own pockets. He has personally benefitted off of taxpayers, and then turns his back on our community.

Violating Conflict of Interest

Ryan Boylston was found guilty of violating conflict of interest laws, fined thousands of dollars for voting on the commission in favor of a big developer who was also a client of his personal business, essentially lining his pockets at the expense of taxpayers. 1, 2

Boylston agrees to fine to settle ethics violation case


Ryan Boylston took advantage of a free $270,000 taxpayer funded PPP loan from the government and did not repay it. 3

Taxpayer funded PPP loan Forgiven

Follow the Money

Boylston has received multiple maximum campaign contributions from the same family of developers who are Ron DeSantis million dollar mega donors. 4

Boylston Donations

Turns His Back on Delray

While on the City Commission, Ryan Boylston failed to equally fund projects in neglected predominantly black neighborhoods as in other parts of Delray Beach. 5

>He claimes to be anti-growth, but then Ryan Boylston voted to allow a large, high density apartment building opposed by the local neighbors. 6, 7

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/12/21

Boylston Supports Higher Taxes & Fees

  • Under Boylston, city spending soars 29% – $45 million more
  • Boylston supported taxpayer-funded pay raises for himself
  • Boylston voted against cutting property taxes and supported doubling parking fees
Bad for Delray Beach